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In March, 2008, Twin Ridge formed a collaborative relationship with Mr. John Perry the Principle and Owner of Hope Street Service. Both John and I are lifelong residents of Stamford and the vast majority of our business comes from long time relationships and their references making our reputations paramount to our success.

Our auto mechanic division uses state of the art technology to perform some of today's most technical repairs. John has been in business serving the Stamford and Fairfield County areas for over 25 years and has earned a stellar reputation of not only a gifted mechanic but a highly ethical and compassionate man. We are very pleased to have him on board at Twin Ridge'

As one of his customers put it,

"John is very understanding of working people who need their vehicles to function in everyday life. He does his best to keep the costs of repairs fair and reasonable. If Hope Street Service doesn't do your auto repairs and service, they should! A rare find these days!"

John has become a valuable asset in aiding Twin Ridge to become a one stop shop for both auto body work along with automotive repair and service. I am proud to call him my colleague.
Ron Morse, Founder and President
Twin Ridge Auto Body, Inc.
Repair Services
Drive Train
Catalytic Converter
Fuel & Gas System
Head & Rear Lamps (1)
Shocks & Struts
Transmission Replacement or Repair
Engine Replacement of Rebuild
Maintenance Services
Oil Change - Typically every 3,000 miles
Belts & Hoses - Checked with every oil change
Filters - Checked with every oil change
Timing Belts Typically checked every 60,000 miles, or 90,000 miles where required
Brakes - Front brakes typically last 20,000-30,000 miles, rear brakes usually 60,000 miles which will vary on driving habits and
Transmission Service Typically performed every 60,000
Coolant Service Typically performed every 2 years
Tires - Vary on driving habits and conditions
Spark Plugs & Wires Typically plugs are checked in the 60,000 to 90,000 mile range and wires around 60,000 miles
Distributor Cap & Rotor Typically every 60,000 miles where required
22 Fahey Street
Stamford, Connecticut 06897
TEL: (203) 323-1053
TEL: (203) 325-3074
FAX: (203) 357-7750


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